Why Should Applications Federate?

Applications that integrate using our federated single-sign-on service provide many benefits:

Improving Security

By adopting federation technology, each campus will reduce the number of entry-points to their network. This decreases the attack surface area to a single point which can be securely monitored and updated as technology progresses.

Reduced attack surface area

Improving User Experience

Federation improves user experience by utilizing single-sign-on to reduce the number of times each user has to authenticate. Users see a consistent single login screen instead of many different login screens, which causes confusion and increased support calls. It also allows users to extend their existing identity to more applications, which prevents more usernames and passwords.

Login screen

Increasing Collaboration

Federation increases our ability to collaborate with other institutions, federal granting agencies, and adopt new technologies. Authorized users from other institutions can collaborate beyond their institutional borders with peers and colleagues across the globe.

Identities extending beyond campus borders