My.UNL username and password work with external partners via InCommon Federation

28 Jul, 2011, Lincoln, NE: Membership in the InCommon Federation has made it possible for UNL's department of Information Services to enable faculty, staff, and students to use their My.UNL username and password with participating external organizations. Participating organizations that recognize My.UNL identities include Educause, NIH, NSFCICme, CILogon and the Indiana CTSI.

The InCommon Federation provides the U.S. higher education and research community with the common framework for trustworthy shared management of access to online resources. This framework facilitates the development of a community-based common trust fabric sufficient to enable participants to make appropriate decisions about the release of identity information and the control of access to protected online resources. InCommon is intended to enable production-level end-user access to a wide variety of protected resources, and is operated by the Internet2 consortium.

Please contact Brett Bieber (402-472-1598) or Rory Larson (402-472-5160) about federated Identity Management at UNL.

UNL logins, passwords to become more tightly dependent on SAP, Peoplesoft in spring

2 November, 2010, Lincoln, NE: Information Services is working to ensure that UNL services use the same username and password whenever possible. Campus services that UNL provides for our students, faculty, and staff - such as the My.UNL Academic Portal, the Active Directory system, NUgrant, and access to the campus wireless network, (along with many more) all use the My.UNL username and password.

The My.UNL username and password are different from the TrueYou credentials, which are used for Firefly (SAP) and MyRed (Peoplesoft). A set of both TrueYou and My.UNL credentials are currently required for each UNL employee or student to have access to all services.

A new account claim tool is now available ( After the spring semester, new accounts will not work until they have been claimed. All new employees and students will need to claim their account before they can log in to online services that use the My.UNL ID. To claim their account, users are required to provide the correct spelling of their name (exactly matching their record in SAP or Peoplesoft), their NUID, and their date of birth. When the system verifies a match with a new user, they will be prompted to answer security questions and then set a secure password. Once someone has claimed their account, it will be active immediately - but it may take up to 24 hours for all UNL systems to recognize the new account.

SAP is the source of all contact, position, and active-status information for any employee, volunteer, or UNL affiliate - for any campus service that uses the My.UNL ID account. Peoplesoft is the source of all contact and status information for students. Changes made to SAP will be recognized within minutes by the My.UNL Identity Management system. The UNL Public Directory also directly displays information from SAP and Peoplesoft.

Information Services is working with Business & Finance and Registration & Records to thoroughly test these system changes. The UNL Help Center (402-472-3970) can work with you to help with any problem that comes up. If you have any questions about how the new process will work, please contact Brett Bieber (402-472-1598) or Rory Larson (402-472-5160).