LDAP: Definitions of Employee/Guest Statuses

Definitions of employee and guest statuses in eduPersonAffiliation (a multi-value field) and eduPersonPrimaryAffiliation (a single value field). All except sponsored and override are in the “people” OU.

affiliate (not currently in use)

continue services a person who is maintained in SAP with a “Keep Services Active” until date (a typical example is a lecturer who only teaches a class one semester a year and this could be their status for rest of the year; treated as faculty).

emeriti people who are former employees who retain an honorary appointment in SAP (treated as faculty).

faculty a person who has a faculty appointment in SAP. (For an adjunct faculty member to be listed as faculty instead of volunteer “title modifier” #3 needs to be applied to their job entry in SAP.)

override a guest added from another NU campus by the Computer Help Center or IDM staff. In the “guest” OU (treated as guest).

retiree a person who is a former employee who met the retirement requirements (treated as staff).

rif (Reduction in Force) a person who is maintained in SAP with a specific end date and they are treated as staff or faculty (for general purposes, treat as staff).

sponsored a person who is campus guest maintained in IDM and sponsored by a person who is faculty or staff. Sponsored guest access is for 6 months with one renewal allowed. In the “guest” OU (treated as guest).

staff a person who has an current or future appointment in SAP as a paid employee (and is not faculty).

volunteer a person (affiliate) who a departmental HR coordinator maintains in SAP as an unpaid employee (treated as staff).