What is my My.UNL Username & Password?

Part 1: Find your My.UNL username

All new UNL employees and students will be assigned a My.UNL username for accessing UNL-specific services. 

To find your My.UNL username, visit the TrueYou website https://trueyou.nebraska.edu/ and log in using your TrueYou account, or Claim your identitiy.

Help for student accounts

  1. You should have received an email during the application process which included your an eight-digit number known as your NUID. The password you've set during the application process establishes your TrueYou identity. Once you've been accepted to UNL, you are eligible for a My.UNL account. To set your My.UNL password, you'll need to sign in to the TrueYou website using your NUID and password, or claim your account. Visit the TrueYou website https://trueyou.nebraska.edu/
  2. After logging in to TrueYou, set the password for your My.UNL account and remember this username and password as it will be used for UNL-specific services.

Help for employee or affiliate accounts

  1. Your department should have provided you with your NUID, which is an eight-digit number assigned to you. You'll need this number to continue.
  2. Claim your identity and set the passwords for your TrueYou and My.UNL accounts by visiting https://trueyou.nebraska.edu/ and clicking the "Claim Your ID" link.

If you need assistance please contact the UNL Computer Help Center.

Computer Help Center:

hours: 7:30am to 7:30pm CT daily

phone: 402 472 3970 in Lincoln, or 866 472 3970 toll-free in the US



Part 2: Your password

If you are new to UNL, you will set your My.UNL account password when you claim your new account at https://trueyou.nebraska.edu/ 

If you already have a relationship with a University of Nebraska or State College System campus, you have a TrueYou account already. You may reset your password using either your security challenge questions, or by authenticating into the TrueYou Identity Manager website with any eligible TrueYou Account.