Identity Service Request form

Hello, thank you for your interest in the University of Nebraska Identity and Access Management Service Offerings.
Please use the following resources to learn more about IAM Service Offerings:
IAM Service Request Reference Form
Data Request Approval Form
Please use the below fields to provide the information needed to supply your service with Identity and Access Service integrations.
When do you need this ready for your project GoLive *
When do you need IAM services integrated for your project GoLive? Many of our IAM services require custom configuration, which can take several days to work through and then test. Providing your project date helps us prioritize our queue and keep our estimates as reasonable as possible.
By default, the IdP's release a common set of attributes that include: givenName, sn, mail, eduPersonPrincipalName, eduPersonAffiliation, and eduPersonScopedAffiliation. If anything is required beyond those attributes please include the attribute name above.
What directory should this be scoped to *
What Identity data does your service need *
What Identity Provider(s) does the service need for Authentication *
How is Service authorization managed *
What attributes are needed in data feed *
Please provide a link to documentation to assist with onboarding your service