Account Claim for Students & Employees

When a new My.UNL account is created (assuming that UNL already has a valid email address for that person from Peoplesoft or SAP), the Identity Management system will send that person a welcome message with instructions on how to claim their account.

Receipt of the email message above is not required for a new user to visit and claim their account. We assume that we may not have a good email address, or the message may be misdirected to the person's SPAM folder, so any new employee or affiliate may claim their account once they are have an active position in SAP, or on the day after they have been entered into Peoplesoft.

To claim their account, a new user will need to know their NUID, the exact spelling of their name as it appears in SAP or Peoplesoft, and their date of birth. It is very important that the user knows the exact spelling of their name as it appears in the source system – even a detail as minor as whether there is a "." at the end of "Joe Bob Jr." will invalidate the match and cause the user to be unable to successfully claim their account. Please be sure to work with new users to ensure that the process goes smoothly for them.

Once they have claimed their account (assuming we have a good email address for them), they will receive an email message confirming that their account is now active.

Remember to never share your password with anyone, even Help Desk staff.

If someone has an old My.UNL account (whether it was as a student or as an employee) and they are returning to UNL, they will not need to claim their account again. There is a chance that their old password may still work (if they can remember it) but most likely they will need to contact the UNL Help Center to have their password reset for them.